APCG Espro Rate Library


Plumbing Industry Specific Estimating Software


NEW - Our library of Standard Rates is now available for the Espro Plumbing Specific Estimating Package.


The Espro plumbing specific estimating package are the gold  standard in estimating software, and now this easy to use and fantastic program is avialable for Plumbers.


Over 1,350 pre calculated rates with live Plumbers Supplies Co Operative and REECE pricing, fully updateable with your own Plumbers Supplies Pricing or REECE data available from your supplier representative.

Also compatible with Enware, Samios, Galvins and many other live supplier price lists.


Be compatible with all sectors of the industry, including your clients, builders and quantity surveyors.


Produce professional, accurate, measurable, variable, and presentable estimates in a fraction of the time.


You will require a copy of the Espro estimating software program to use the rate library.


Please do not hesitate to contact us about this exciting new development for plumbing contractors.

APCG Dataset for the EsPro Plumbing Estimating Software Package NEW!!

  • Material Database

    Central place to store all items needed to build an estimate

    Parts List

    Keep a database all Parts & pricing that may be used. Import & update pricing from suppliers price files


    Group together commonly used material items (with install times), equip & subbies in common folders

    Assemblies (Rates)

    Speed your estimating item process by using assemblies so items that belong together are not forgotten

    Pre-built Rates (Assemblies) Database

    Fully compatible with the Pre-built Australian Plumbing Cost Guide database with labour install times and materials in built up rates (assemblies).