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Make more money without doing more work!


This book will help you make more money in the plumbing and heating trades. You will learn new tricks for getting more things done in the same ammount of time, how to attract and retain the best customers and how to find out what they want and give to them to increase your profits on every call. New plumbers will learn how to become more valuable to their employers and help them move up the ladder.


Profitable Plumbing by M Scott Gregg

Table of Contents
Chapter #1 - Plumbing for Profit 1
Chapter #2 - Getting the Plumber ready 11
Chapter #3 - The Truck 21
Chapter #4 - The Business Plan 31
Chapter #5 - The Plumber's Network of Customers 51
Chapter #6 - Profit Boosters 67
Chapter #7 - Time Savers, Gadgets and Specialty Tools 107
Chapter #8 - Records and Bookkeeping 117
Chapter #9 - Philanthropy 127

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